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HAS Capital brings its expertise and capital to real estate investments in the manufactured housing and multi-family asset classes. HAS Capital focuses on investing in value-add/stabilization opportunities. 

Investment Structures: HAS Capital makes real estate investments with an eye toward an intermediate investment term. Taking advantage of the opportunity to fund underperforming assets and stabilize them, HAS Capital participates in a niche often neglected by conventional capital providers. The Company works with qualified operating partners to fund transactions with a clearly defined stabilization strategy at all levels of the capital stack, including the following:

  • First Mortgage Financing

  • Mezzanine Debt

  • Preferred Equity 


Manufactured Housing: By aligning with operating partners who have exceptional knowledge of local market conditions, HAS Capital can bring capital to not only acquire communities, but also to provide liquidity throughout the capital stack. Increased liquidity can be used to stabilize occupancy and operations through the placement of new housing inventory and the improvement of infrastructure. Once properties are stabilized, HAS Capital will look to realize on the value created through long term conventional refinancing or sale of the underlying property. 


Multifamily: HAS Capital strives to create "value add" strategies in the multi-family apartment space by directing capital to apartment markets that are developmentally constrained. By capturing the market value accretion resulting from local economic improvements, HAS Capital preferred equity has consistently delivered attractive returns. 


Asset Management: HAS Capital brings its expertise to bear in advising investors on acquisition, asset management and liquiditation strategies in the manufactured housing and multi-family asset classes. HAS Capital professionals have an average of more than 25 years of experience in real estate development, acquisition, management, capitalization and liquidation.  

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