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HAS Capital leverages its own research and underwriting results to provide a range of advisory services to both investors and clients alike. 


Asset Management: HAS Capital, through utilization of its management experience, provides clients with specialized asset management services, including occupancy improvements, loss mitigation strategies, disposition advisory and other services. 


Valuation: Utilizing experience in underwriting over $3 billion in chattel financings, HAS Capital can provide both third party market "soft bids" as well as full Level 3 valuations for ABS investments. 


Acquisition and Liquidation Strategies: HAS Capital has worked with major institutional investors to evaluate portfolios and determine appropriate disposition strategies for over $300 million in chattel financings. We can bring that experience to bear in any disposition engagement. 


Proprietary Data Warehouse: HAS Capital has underwritten over $3 billion in chattel financings over the past five years. This performance data, tracked through multiple economic cycles, provides HAS Capital with a market leading database of loan pool performance and is the foundation of much of the Company's underwriting analysis. HAS Capital brings the benefit of performance experience to its advisory work. 

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