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HAS Capital invests on behalf of institutional and qualified individual investors through multiple investment structures. Accommodating both domestic and offshore investors, HAS Capital deploys investor capital in both equity (common and preferred) and debt securities in the manufactured housing and multifamily asset classes. HAS Capital can customize a solution for investors and, as an asset manager, can manage capital through the structure that best suits the investor’s needs: Com-mingled fund, REIT, or Separate Account structures. 


Investment Strategies

HAS Capital invests in real estate and real estate related assets.  These assets include debt and equity investments in real property, mortgages, real estate related chattel and asset backed securities. HAS Capital leverages the depth and breadth of its real estate and asset management expertise to create sustainable, replicable performance which can effectively be scaled within our platform. 


Value Proposition

HAS Capital believes its real estate expertise and deep knowledge of specific niche assets generates Structural Alpha without the risks often associated with higher yielding investments. Our strategies are internally hedged to moderate risk through market cycles and create an a-cyclical performance curve. We focus on current return investments that are largely independent of leverage and seek to minimize risks related to and reliance on market timing to deliver attractive, risk-adjusted returns while benefitting from market displacement and credit interruption events. 


Investment Offerings

HAS Capital can customize an investment structure to best meet the needs of its investors. We use the following vehicles to implement our strategies:

  • Com-mingled Fund vehicle - We believe that a well constructed diversified real estate fund portfolio can offer investors valuable, market-informed returns that are difficult to access elsewhere. We endeavor to maximize benefits from our com-mingled vehicle through the combination of small investments in higher yielding niche assets along with participation in larger institutional investments within the HAS Capital platform. This combination provides an internally diversified portfolio while hedging traditional market risks.

  • Managed Accounts - We can construct portfolios for managed accounts based on investor objectives within the asset classes in which we invest. 

  • Customized and Advisory - HAS Capital works with a select group of investors to create investment solutions that aim to meet specific client needs and objectives. Through our deep experience, we understand that each mandate and partnership is different and can provide the strategic framework through which to accomplish investment objectives.  


Social Responsibility

HAS Capital believes that maximizing investor returns can be done without sacrificing social responsibility. Our role as an investor comes with the duty to be cognizant of the short- and long-term social benefits we provide through of our activities. HAS Capital actively supports affordable housing initiatives across the United States that seek to support lower income and under-housed populations through the provision of manufactured and multifamily housing. This work provides valuable insight into our investment activities and also creates direct and indirect social benefits for the communities in which we invest.

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