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HAS Capital Acquires Interests in Structured ABS Financings and Manufactured Housing Assets

January 30, 2015


HAS Capital, LLC, a Chicago-based real estate investment and advisory firm, has acquired interests in select ABS structured financings and manufactured housing related assets. View press release here. See the link to Tombstone published in Wall Street Journal on January 28, 2015 here.


Manufactured Housing May be a Key to Unraveling Affordability Puzzle

March 6, 2015


In the March 6 issue of Bloomberg Brief Real Estate, Stephen Wheeler, Managing Director of HAS Capital was interviewed by Aleksandrs Rozens for a Q&A on how manufactured housing is poised to make a comeback with an increased appetite for manufactured housing ABS from institutional investors. Stephen addresses how the affordability factor in manufactured housing is generating investor appetite for the asset class and how HAS Capital is looking to restart the engine in providing financing in this space. [Subscription may be required] Click here for the full story on page 16


How the Manufactured Housing Sector Provides Yield Without Risk

June 6, 2015


Returns from MH related investments are outpacing investments in other real estate sub-sectors. MH delivers in excess of ten percent year over year in addition to providing significant current cash returns. We describe our platform as having "structural alpha". As the MH asset class reemerges in the capital markets, investors will have the opportunity for additional yield at sale or liquidation, and more options for near-term liquidity. View press release here.


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