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High-Performance Manufactured Housing

Environmental and Energy Study Instutute, July 2011

Authors: Ellen Larson Vaughan, Iryna Payosova, Samantha Akella


The manufactured housing industry is a logical starting place for creating a new business model for unsubsidized sustainable, affordable housing development. High-performance manufactured housing will benefit homebuyers, the manufactured housing industry, the U.S. economy, and the environment. Creating high-performance housing that is affordable for low to middle income households requires planning, creative and innovative design, and efficient implementation. 

Manufactured Homes: A Shrinking Source of Low Cost Housing

Fannie Mae Housing Insights Volume 3, Issue 5; June 27, 2013

Author: Patrick Simmons, Director, Strategic Planning, Economic and Strategic Resources Group


Residential construction plummeted during the housing bust that began in 2006. Nearly a decade before the onset of the housing construction downturn, however, manufactured housing production began a protracted decline. The drop in production, which accompanied a bust in manufactured home lending that followed a period of easy credit availability and lax underwriting during the second half of the 1990s, is notable not only for its severity, but also because manufactured homes are an important source of low-cost housing. 

Manufactured Homes Help Both Save the Planet and Save Money for Low-Income Owners

Community Development INVESTMENT REVIEW; March 2014

Authors: Stacey Epperson, Nest Step and Doug Ryan, Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED)


Manufactured Housing proves a viable homeownership alternative for low- and moderate-income Americans who want to build wealth. The lack of real wage growth for many Americans requires a new way of thinking about housing options throughout the United States. 


Manufactured Housing Efforts Needed to Enhance Program Effectiveness and Ensure Funding Stability

The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report to Congressional Requesters; July 2014

Lead Author: Mathew J. Scire


GAO makes several recommendation to HUD concerning Manufactured Housing. One important recommendation requires that HUD address how FHA financing might further manufactured home affordability.

Manufactured-Housing consumer finance in the United States

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; September 2014


This white paper provides background on manufactured housing, including the markets and regulatory environment, as well as consumers who purchase or rent manufactured housing.

The Case for Trailer Parks

The Atlantic, October 24, 2014

Author: Alaha Semuels


Houses made in a factory are an affordable and energy-efficient way for lower income Americans to become homeowners. 

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